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I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Aerie but it’s the lingerie line that is a sister store to American Eagle and they tweeted this this morning and it made me so happy.

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Aerie is seriously a wonderful place to buy bras and undies. I am a 38DD and they always have something hella cute in my size and if they don’t have a style I want, they will order it online for me and have it shipped to my house with the shipping on them. And their bras beat the crap out of Victoria Secrets. The single bra I bought from Victoria’s Secret fell apart the first time I washed it. My Aerie bras? I have been buying from them since sophomore year of high school and I have yet to have a bra fall apart.  Sorry I just really love Aerie and they just need more love gomen

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Think Anorexia is funny? Sorry. I am a survivor and find NOTHING cute about this.

Wanna dress up like an Anorexic? All it takes is:

  • 4 years of hospitalization 
  • A nasogastric feeding-tube because you’ve starved yourself so much that your body doesn’t recognize food as a good thing and tries to attack itself.
  • Re-Feeding Syndrome, which can kill you. 
  • Emotional struggles for years. 
  • A father crying and pleading on his knees begging for you to get help
  • A mother who cries every time she sees you because you look and SMELL like death.
  • Holidays missed, birthdays crying in a hospital.
  • Almost every major organ in your body failing.
  • A shower chair - because you can’t stand in the shower because you’re too weak and the warm water could make you pass out.
  • A wheelchair, because you are too weak to walk and it could make you go into cardiac arrest.
  • A lifetime of medications for anxiety and the health issues “Anna Rexia” caused.
  • Plenty of money for multiple ER trips due to “Anna Rexia” even in recovery.
  • And if you don’t get help like I do, or even if you do, a coffin. Because I’ve lost more friends to this eating disorder then anything I’ve ever faced.

I almost died from this. I know it’s supposed to be funny and shit and yeah I get that, but seriously. THIS IS NOT FUNNY. Anorexia is nothing to party about or laugh at. It’s real, it’s deadly, and should not be marketed as a slutty outfit.

Want to dress as “Anna Rexia”? Just go as a Vampire, or a Zombie. Because 1/3 of us are dead.

God bless your post! People should stop joking about diseases! 

By the way, I’m really happy you got over it, you’re victorious! 

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) Noelebelle & The Little Pink Kitten’s Giveaway () .

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